About us

Who we are

Calango is a project started in 2018, which intends to collect free online courses created by the best institutions in the World and present them in an easy, intuitive way. More than 100 courses are available, distributed in 30 subjects, including Personal Development, Health & Science, Business & Enterprise Skills and Computer Science & engineering.

Following the creative commons licence, Calango provides courses from renowned institutions across the Globe, including MIT OpenCourseware from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Saylor's Academy.

Learners can watch MIT classes like real MIT students and track their progress across the well organized material, divided in modules and lessons. Interactive assessments will also in the future be available, so learnings can be put to proof.

In Calango, we believe in giving the same opportunities to less fortunates, so we all can have a more levelled starting point on our careers and gathering these materials to our learners is our way to live up to that.